Hasn’t it been a year? So much has changed, and with that in mind, I’ve decided we’re going to do things a wee bit differently. Normally, we do pressies for Te Whānau Rangimariē – Yellow are kindly doing those this year, so we just have to focus on 33 families. And at their last whānau hui the women made it very clear that they would like their teenagers to receive vouchers, so vouchers they shall recieve.

To that end, I will be needing to raise $2350 for 47 x $50 vouchers for the teens. We will buy those and give them to the women. A wonderful Aunty has given us 12, so we just need another 35. That's $1700 worth. For the whānau pressies,  I have shoulder tapped Aunties tried and true, but we will need extra Aunties for whānau we include in the next month or so. Our xmas fundraising this year will almost primarily be focused on making sure the women have a bonza Xmas, so I’m going to be having a go at raising $14,000 so we can give each of the 28 women in the whanau a $500 prezzie card that they can use for their Xmases.

This year, and going forward, Xmas for the Aunties whānau will be about mana wāhine – self determination, their agency, their choices, exactly what they want and not what people think they want.

So what can you do to help us make this Xmas go off with a bang? (And end this long and terrible year with much happiness and rejoicing). You can be a pressie aunty – buy a pressie, for any age, and drop it off/send it unwrapped to Phil’s place at 60 Barrack Rd, Mt Wellington, Akl 1060 – these will go to kids who are NOT in our whānau. All ages up to 12, all genders. You can be a tree aunty – many of the women don’t have xmas trees or decorations. These can be dropped off to Phil’s house. Fully boxed please. Tree and decorations together.And you can give us money! There are two main ways of doing this.

  1. Our Givealittle

  2. Our bank account:

The Aunties12-3019-0022633-00 In summary:

You can be –

  • a pressie aunty

  • a tree aunty

  • or a spondoolies aunty.

  • Or you can be ALL THREE.

    We need to raise around $15,500, as of Nov 20th. Thank you all so very much. We appreciate all you do to keep us going, and growing. 


End of year thank you and all our news from 2020.