Collection: How you can help us

Before you read the needs list, please read this instructive post about the standards we expect from our donations.

This is what we need right now

It would be great to get some XXL +, as some of the women and children would really appreciate the bigger sizes to accommodate their needs.

  • Winter jackets
  • Hoodies and jumpers
  • Track pants
  • Socks
  • Undies all sizes, and once again, sizes ranging up to 24+ if possible
  • Towels, we only have a few left
  • Bedding and linen, all sizes

 These are things that we need all the time:

  • Towels

  • Undies (new)

  • Bed linen

  • Socks (new)

  • Sanitary products

  • Toiletries

The whole idea of the Aunties is that our people get the best we can get them, and we intend to keep it that way.

Our rules

Secondhand is fine with everything except for undies. Never secondhand undies or socks.

We also do not take second hand books or toys - except in very rare circumstances eg wooden toys that have been well cleaned and disinfected.

Please note: we only operate in Auckland. If you are in Wellington, one of the Aunties moved down there and is co-ordinating donations for Te Whare Tīaki, Porirua Māori Women’s Refuge. This is currently only via Twitter. You can find their account @ponekeaunties. In Christchurch, there are the Christchurch Aunties.

If you live elsewhere in NZ, please contact your local women’s refuge, and ask them what they need.

This is a grassroots effort to support quite a large number of people, and to meet their needs.

Why don’t the Aunties want canned tomatoes?

Jackie has written and spoken about this a LOT over the years. Check here for coverage.

Are there Aunties near me that I can help?

The Aunties in Auckland don’t need volunteers. The women run the storage unit. At Xmas, and Easter however, we need people who will take on the job of providing pressies/easter treats to one of the individual Aunties whanau families.

Christmas fairies and Easter bunnies

Every Christmas and Easter we search for people who can bring a bit of magic to the individual whānau of the women Jackie works with. If you would like to be part of this joyful movement, and bring light and love to these special times of year, please contact Jackie by phone or email.