Collection: How we know this works

We hear stories every day from the women we support - stories of greater connection with family and community, food security and better nutrition, safe and comfortable home spaces.

When basic needs are met, the women report dramatic improvements in mental health, the ability to heal and to lift their gaze from immediate survival to the future - gaining education, confidence, and joy. 

Their words speak to the power of this movement, and the power of the women themselves. 

Before The Aunties and after The Aunties

Prior to:

  • skipped meals most days so there was enough food for the kids over the week
  • thought constantly about how to get money to meet basic needs 
  • hated birthdays, christmas, special occasions, holidays
  • avoided family and friends
  • didn’t have people over because I couldn’t feed them and my house was too poor looking
  • worried constantly about our physical health, always managing allergies and sickness
  • didn’t dream or imagine a better future
  • felt constantly guilty because my kids didn’t have what they needed and we had little to share with others
  • felt guilty because I had left their abusive father and we were no better off
  • was overwhelmed with family court disfunction and requirements
  • cried a lot, felt helpless and hopeless most of the time
  • hated the way I looked, was embarrassed about my hair and clothes
  • thought of what most people think are basic needs as “luxury items” for other people
  • felt constantly poor, deprived, and desperate, despite daily thankfulness practices


  • whole family eats meals every day of the week, even in holidays when there are no free school lunches
  • meals are more nutritious, have been able to cook nicer meals that are enjoyed
  • can meet more of the basic needs now without as much worry
  • kids birthdays “feel” like birthdays, receive toys and things they actually want rather than needs-based items only
  • birthdays have been fun, have felt legitimate in turning up to Christmas events because we can give gifts to close friends and family (even though small/token)
  • have had mini holidays away and even if “cheap” have created happy memories
  • kids can do some things that other kids do if the cost is low
  • have felt happiness on my birthday and received flowers
  • made my best friend happy with a nice birthday dinner
  • had my hair done multiple times and don’t feel I need to hide for that reason
  • have had space to learn and deal with trauma, have the time, support and energy to work through trauma even while it is ongoing, even develop/restore values for our family and model these
  • be a real mum
  • support my kids emotionally and spiritually, including their indigenous identity
  • felt peace of mind that we’ll be ok, felt stronger and more resilient, starting to think that intergenerational trauma will not be carried through to our family’s next generation
  • feel hopeful about my kids futures
  • completed a teaching diploma
  • contributed to multiple news articles, involved in unpaid work, had time and space to become more self-sustaining
  • reclaiming my identity including taking back my birth name, cultural values, and a family trip to our pacific motherland
  • reconnected with some family
  • starting to think beyond survival/trauma and about what I want for my future including joy
  • fully acknowledge that I may not have made it here alive 



With the progression of our environment thanks to all the love of our wonderful most beautiful aunties xx