M's story.

When I published the other womens' stories, stories in my own voice, M was really disappointed not to have had the opportunity and said she would like to write something for you all to read. To impress upon you why the Refuge is so important, and to give voice to those you are all helping. She wrote it a while ago, and I only just read it this morning. Sitting next to her, at the dining table at the Refuge, I cried for her. And she cried for herself. "I know" she said to me. "It's ugly". We read it side by side, and hugged each other. This may not affect you as personally because you don't know her, but I want you to hear her voice. It's an important one.

So here it is. M's story, or at least a small part of it. In her own words. (And I didn't pay her to write the final paragraph.....). 

Hello to everyone,

I am writing about my story from a woman that has been scared, treated like a slave, all my self esteem taken away from, beaten till I was black and blue, but also out of all the terrible things that have happened to me, I still have lots of love.  Sometimes I use dto think, why me and my  5 children, but someone said to me one day and recently, when is it going to stop?  So I had the courage to leave and came to the Refuge.  

I was scared and very unsure what I was doing but in time I got to know the women and started to open myself and started to trust in people that wanted to trust me.  It actually hit me more when there was other stories at the refuge, and I realised I wasn't alone in this big wide world of ours and we surely take things for granted.  I am healing and still hurting inside but in time I hope, no I know, I will over come this.  Without the help and support of the wonderful Women's Refuge and the support of the public, I wouldn't think we would be survivors today.  I also would like to thank  the women that are in the same situation's as I. Because of the night talks and crying we all share, I have made platforms of strengths that encourage me to say, "I am superwoman."

I also would like to thank my superwoman and angel, Jackie.  I can't go a day without thinking about this lovely soul.  I feel so blessed and fortunate to know and have this wonderful person in my life.  She has guts and this personality that in time I will have.  She shows strength like she can kung fu you and man you mess with her, look out.....hahahhaha and she has a dog to prove it.  She works so hard and I want to be like her.

Everybody has a story

Inaugural #twitteraunties meeting - 15 February 2014