Yes! It's that time of year again!  For the last three years, The Aunties have done Xmas for the refuge. We've  given 200 kids presents, we have provided 75 women (and the refuge staff) with luxury gift baskets, and  run ourselves ragged in the spirit of joy and giving.

So this year, we are going even bigger. What can you do to help? Simple! There are two very easy ways of making Xmas special for a whole lot of people.You can contribute by:1) buying. a present (or 2 or 3) for a child. A boy, a girl, or nonbinary. Age ranges 0-3, 4-6, 7-10. You can wrap them or leave them unwrapped and send to:

The Aunties, PO Box 76638, Manukau, Auckland 2241

From there, we will match the Xmas list of kids who need presents with the presents received, and done!

Extra presents will be given to another refuge that I am building a relationship with, and also used for birthday presents for kids in both refuges throughout the year.

I need about 200 present to fulfill the Xmas needs so start shopping. And know that for all of these kids, it may well be the only presents they receive this year, so you are a very important person in their lives.


2)  you can contribute money to our Givealittle. Money donated over Xmas will be used to buy supplies for at least 25 gift baskets for women in the refuge community that we support, staff gift baskets, and for wrapping paper to wrap those gifts that come unwrapped. It is also likely that we will be buying Pak N Save gift vouchers for the women who will be staying in the house over Xmas.

So there you go. It's all very simple, and so doable. The way we are doing it has changed, and the numbers we are doing it for have grown but the kindness of strangers remains a constant. And for that we are so very grateful to you.

Thank you.

Jackie Clark, Aunty In Charge.  

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