Stand Up For The Aunties

A number of years ago - not quite 5, but more than 2 - I met the wondrous Michele A'Court. We'd been communicating online, making a friendship as you do. I think, if memory serves me (which it doesn't very often seeing I'm in my early 50's and menopause is A Thing), that she brought up the idea of having a comedy gig to raise money for us on our very first meeting in person. This idea thrilled me, and I had no idea how it would happen. She's one of the busiest people I know, with a huge heart, but still BUSY. Always on the go. And then I made her chairperson of the Aunties Board, but that just made her BUSIER. (I admit, I thoughtlessly didn't think of that, just how much fun we'd have).

So here was this idea she'd had. And it bubbled away. We pencilled a date in and we left it largely up to Michele. And boy, did she come through. She and Phil between them have made this gig possible. And so many thanks to the comedians who said yes to us. To Justine Smith - who I adore and who HAD to be there; Sera Devcich who I saw for the first time at a Women's Centre Fundraiser, and who impressed me so much; Urzila Carlson who we were very lucky to get; and The Fan Brigade - favourites of a number of the Board. Thanks too to the Classic who agreed to let us use their venue free!So thanks to all those people, this gig is a happening thing. Sunday, October the 15th from 7pm. The tickets cost $35 and you can get those here.

So come and support us - we'd be so happy if you did. The money raised, of course, will be used, amongst other things, to buy: supermarket vouchers for the women, art supplies for the kids, socks and PJs for women/kids when they arrive, and to help women in the community with petrol vouchers.

All these things are ongoing needs, and that need increases every year. So we need your support - we couldn't do the do without any of you.

Thank you so much.

Aunty Jackie.  

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