Ways to help your local women's refuge

People want to help, but sometimes it can be really hard to figure out how. There are a variety of ways you can help your local Women's Refuge.

You can volunteer. You can give money. You can collect for the National Collective of Women's Refuges (NCWR) on their annual appeal day. You can give them stuff!

If you're not part of #kapawhaea, and you don't live in Auckland, I'm here to show you how to go about doing these things.

Firstly, you go to the website of the NCWR. These are the refuges who are members of the Collective. Ring them, and ask them what they need.

If you want to be a volunteer, the Collective uses volunteers for its crisis line.

There are also many Women's Refuges that are not part of the collective. If you can't find one near to you on their list, or on mine - look online here.

If you're really interested in helping a Women's Refuge, there will be a way. Hopefully this has helped somewhat. And if you're reading this, that's a great start. 


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