One of the Aunties recently alerted me to her neighbour, an older woman who is looking after her grandchild. 

I asked for this woman to email me to tell us what she’s looking for. 

She very bravely has reached out today, and told me her story, and I can think we can help her, so I would beg your indulgence on this matter. 

As you know, this year is the year that I formalise the Auntie’s standing. Part of the reason for doing that is, from time to time, i’m contacted by someone who needs help, or by one of you to let me know of someone who needs our help. Usually with stuff, sometimes money. 

As a charity, we will be in more of a position to do this, crossing t’s and dotting i’s. 


This woman’s story is not one I am unfamiliar with, and aligns very closely with the work I, and you, already do for the refuge. 

Having said all that, she has sent me a list of needs for her and for her daughter, who has recently left a refuge. 

If we could help them out, I would be eternally grateful. 

She is working and striving to pay off bills and I think we can give her a hand with that. 

Her first priority is the bill for the Kohanga that her grandchild attends. 

This is $1,070.  

I have told her that the Aunties will pay this bill, which I will do from the Aunties account. I have the invoice from the Kohanga and the funds will go directly into the Kohanga bank acccount. 

As you know, the money in the Aunties account is an ever renewable source of paying for mostly groceries for the refuge, but our remit has expanded, so if anyone would see fit to help top up the account, that would be brilliant. 

You can either do that by going to

OR pay directly into the Aunties bank account. 

That’s in the name of: 


and the account number is: 


And now to the rest of the needs: 

Very simple. And I’m fairly sure we can do this for them. 

I have access to people with vans and utes, so moving stuff around is doable. 

. Things that T needs for apartment.

      a. A bed base for N’s bed.

      b. A small dining table.

      c. large cushions for the back of couch which has no swabs.

. Things that M needs for moving into her home.

      a. Fridge.

      b. double bed and mattress

      c. set of drawers

      d. single bed and mattress

      e. pots and pans

      f. blankets and linen

I thank you for your time, and for your hearts. 

I was just saying the other day that in the last 3 years, we have helped over 200 women, and around 200 kids with needs of some sort or another. 

That’s a lot of people, and that number is only going to expand as we go further along. 

Thank you so so much for everything you do, for your support and love. 

Yearly gratitude

The elephant in the room