Yearly gratitude

Its that  time  when I say thank you to all those people who have made #whaeapower tick throughout the year. Who answer my emails with alacrity, and who make sure that the women in the refuge have everything they may need. Giving money for drivers licenses, food, toiletries and undies, and even a van;  buying pressies for birthdays and Xmas; making meals for the women to share; bringing me clothes and shoes; sending me beauty products and Barbie dolls; supplying me with books, sewing machines, furniture and hugs; coming on shopping expeditions and putting up with my now ruthless efficiency. All of these things mean that I can do my do.

When Kris asks me if something can be done, I always say yes, and we always get it done.All these people have provided money and stuff this year (and quite a lot of hugs, laughter and tears) but most of all they have shown compassion, love and understanding.  In many cases, they have been wept upon and talked at by me. And they have all shown such beauty and grace. So the least I can do is thank every single Whaea and Matua and say: you make a difference.i thank each and every person who emails me, texts me, messages me, rings me and says: how can I help?

I thank: Michele, Abbey, Melissa, Paula, Jude, Sara, Miriam, Somia, Felicity, Atarea, Izzi, Suz, Michelle B, Francesca, Jess, Jo, Miche, Meriana, Vivvy, Morgan, TerryAnn, Sacha C,  Sarah C, Vaughn, Dita, Kylie, Allan, Penny, Hillary, JoAnn, Marianne, Rochelle, Emma and Guyon, Allison, Rochelle, Shona,  Charlotte, Greg, Megan, Tracey, Leonie, Katy, Jane, Karen, Chelcie, Lisette, Rob, Isabel, Barbara, Alison, Jess, Lauren, Joanne, Helen, Ed, Nellie, Philip, Catriona, Maddy, Toby, Margie, Lee, Johanna, Tina, Emma, Liz, Jackson, Megan, Delaney, Heather, Raquel, Muirie, Susan, Emily, Roz, Tove, Pauline, Robyn, Rachel, Gina, Deva, Fleur, Vicky, Rebecca, my mum, Bridget, Rose, Rosie, Sabine, Lesley, Ana, Selina, Sherry, Claire, Colleen, Kristen, Cynthia, Jenni, Lorna, Vanessa, Sharon, Stasi, Vic, Vish, Ange, Kris, Dorothy, Siouxsie, Gloria, Karen, Melanee,  Su Yin, Diana, Liz, Elaine, Merryn, Mary, Paul, John, Meegan, Marina, Tamara, Siobhan, Sophie, Jeremy, Poema, Kerre, Kellie, Tina P, Bronwyn, Carol, Suzie, Stefanie, Dawn, Ninja, Bart, Rosie, Rochelle, Anika, Beck, Nigel, Helene, Nat, Anna, Wendy, Polly, Keith, Jacqui, Analies, Katy, Adrienne, Lee, Alastair, Jeni, LaQuisha, Fran, Rebekah, Lisette,  Miriam and Phil.

Thank you all so much for everything you do. I call us the Aunties because I want you all to feel part of a bigger effort. A team. Because that's what we are. And long may it continue.  

Domestic Violence