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Everybody has a story

It occurs to me that many of you are helping the women at the Refuge but you don't really know much about who you're helping. And the cast of characters changes with some regularity. So I thought I'd tell you a bit about some of the women in Refuge at the moment. I have their full permission (the phone was passed around to each one).Four of the mothers originally gave permission for me to share some of their story,...
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This morning in the Herald was an article which was, the way I read it, basically Bill English saying: Hey, these parents are irresponsible jerks, so we’re quite prepared to take care of their kids, since they won’t. Oh no, hang on, that is what he is actually saying here.  “There’s no doubt that there are kids in homes where there is not a strong sense of responsibility. It’s the obligation of the rest of us to do something about...
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